My artistic history and development began at a young age, nurtured through the San Francisco Bay Areas strong mural and street art traditions. Over time leading my own artistic identity through mastering the tools and processes I’ve acquired through a multi-disciplinary set of influences and perspectives along artistic path.

By combining my experience and high efficiency in mural production and mosaic installations, for the last 15 years having installed more than a dozen mosaic projects and just recently at Chase Center in San Francisco this past September.

In 2009, I assisted with Precita Eyes Muralist team with re known artist Kerry James Marshall for two weeks in replicating the paintings of Presidential residences of Monticello and Mt. Vernon in the atrium of the SF MOMA.  In the summer of 2012 I worked on two “Water Writes” projects that culminated in the “Undam The Klamath” mural project, a very fond and special collaboration with the Karuk and Yurok peoples of Northern California.

From October into January of 2018, I completed massive 1800 square feet mural that reflects the life and beauty of the Bay Area with a tussle between a San Francisco Garter Snake and Great Blue Heron between two-headed serpents.

In April of 2019, I finished installation of a 12’ x 20’ Ft. porcelain mosaic designed by my mother Susan Cervantes named “The Gift of Xochitlquetzal”. She is emboldened on the sidewalk and adjoining facade in front of Precita Eyes Mural Arts & Visitors Center.

Currently working on exhibit that was scheduled for May 1st at Alley Cat Bookstore & Gallery. Adapting ancient Toltec/Mexican oral traditions of rejuvenation, a series that reflects the knowledge that I have learned through Nahuatl Master Sergio Magana in the form of embellished wood carvings using ceramics, glass and found metal objects.